B-R-E-X-I-T: Big Sighs, Long Goodbyes From The EU

Posted by GRANDNEWS | 31 January 2020 | 571 times

A symbolic cut off the EU Cake

By Katya Adler (BBC Europe Editor)

 Of course this is a historic occasion for the UK but spare a thought for the EU.

We have been part of the European family for more than 45 years.

Tonight the block loses one of its biggest and most influential members.

So we’ve had big sighs, long goodbyes, expression of regret and sorrow from EU leaders all over the continent.

Today we heard from the president of the European Parliament who said there would always be a sense of brotherhood towards the UK, even after Brexit.

But don’t we know that rifts between family members can sometimes be some of the most deep.

What will happen after trade negotiations start between the EU and the UK?

We’ve already heard government ministers wondering why the EU wants to impose regulations on the UK to get a free trade agreement that it hasn’t asked for from Canada or Japan for example.

Well, you see, Canada and Japan don’t share the same intimate history and geography with the EU.

Canada and Japan can’t suddenly become an overnight competitor to the EU like the UK can.

So when EU leaders are now saying to us that after Brexit we will love you but we will do you no favours across the negotiating table - they mean it. (Credit: BBC)


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