Mariere Thanks Constituent, Hints Of Future Political Engagements

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* Hon Samuel Mariere

Following the Court of Appeal decision on Monday, upholding the election of Hon Francis Waive in the Ughelli North/Ughelli South/Udu Federal Constituency, Hon Samuel Mariere, who was the candidate of the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has thanked his constituent for their steadfastness and giving hints of his future political engagement, saying it is no time to quit yet.

Hon Mariere had represented the good people of Ughelli North Constituency 1 for two terms in the Delta State House of Assembly.

In a statement titled  “I THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR STEADFASTNESS”  and signed personally by him, Mariere said he had accepted the decision of the Court of Appeal even though he considered it “gross miscarriage of justice”, and has accordingly called to congratulate the winner, who is the All Progressives Congress (APC) candidate in the election.

Mariere said his involvement in politics was driven by a desire to serve and make life better and meaningful for his people.

While vowing to hold unto that lofty ideal, he hinted that it was not all over for him in political participation as he said that he would “call on you again” insisting that “I am ready to serve. And will always serve you in and out of politics”.

The statement read in full.    

“I reach out to thank all of you the good people of Ughelli North/Ughelli South/Udu Federal Constituency. The word is out that the Election Appeal Tribunal has given a judgment that was not favourable to us. I use the word “us” advisedly knowing that my standing election for the Federal Constituency Seat was a collective project borne out of the collective aspiration of the people of the Constituency for me to represent them.

“You all made a clarion call for a shift in the paradigm of representation and I hearkened to the call. Having heard and answered your call you all stood by me and with me steadfastly in an unprecedented manner.

“Your support, your prayers, messages and good will sustained me in the onerous task that spanned both the primaries and the main election and eventually the litigation that went on at the tribunals. I thank you all for your steadfastness.

“I have also called to congratulate Rev. Francis Ejiroghene Waive who now has the mandate to represent the Constituency. Although, we consider the verdict of the tribunals as gross miscarriage of justice, we however, submit to it in view of the judiciary being the final adjudicator in such matters.

“I am very proud of all you and I do say that we should not give up in trying to deepen our democracy. Akpojotor (there is still life) and we must not give up on ourselves and our dreams. We are sure to bounce back. My involvement in politics is anchored on service and making life better and meaningful for our people.

“That is my avowed mission which will not fizzle out. I shall hold dearly to the ideals of selfless service and quality representation. My family, my upbringing, my profession and my love for History all prepared me for the task I have taken on and the task ahead.

“My records as a two-time member of the Delta State House of Assembly speaks volume and it was not fortuitous. I am prepared and committed to service. I shall call on you again and I am sure you shall also call on me. I am ever ready to serve. And I will always serve you in and out of politics.

“I thank you and I thank you again and again for your STEADFASTNESS. Wadoooooo.”, the statement read.


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