GOSPEL LANE: Perfection Through The Cross By Pastor John Tunke Bisina

Posted by Pastor John Tunke Bisina | 23 August 2020 | 1,897 times

Pastor John Tunke Bisina


Text: II Corinthians 12: 7-10

Christ’s ultimate aim in passing the believer through the cross is to perfect him. It was against that backdrop that Paul’s request to have the thorn in his flesh removed was not answered. God’s purpose in sending Jesus Christ into the world was to restore man to pristine purity. This would not be possible without the necessary experiences of the cross. The Cross helps the believer to be perfected. Christ Himself according to Scriptures was perfected (completed His work of redemption) through sufferings.

Perfection is having the image, nature and life of Christ implanted and reflected in us. Perfection further entails perfect love like that of Christ.

All who had a close walk with God in the Bible were perfect men. Noah was perfect. Abraham, the friend of God was commanded to be perfect. Job was perfect and upright. We must also allow the cross to perfect us if we hope to have enduring walk and fellowship with God on earth and in eternity.

The unregenerate man is imperfect and wild. Even after conversion there is the tendency to exhibit selfish ambition and pride. An uncircumcised heart is also prone to revenge.  It is characterized by carnality, carnal comparison, envy, strife, division. Such a heart is also full of impure motives, hypocrisy, self-glorying and praise. These traits are abhorrent to the Lord and impede our spiritual growth and fellowship with the Lord.

God is a God of perfection. His works are perfect. His ways also are perfect. The Word of God is perfect. He is also perfect in knowledge. His gifts are perfect.

These are the reasons why He always demands perfection from His own. An imperfect man cannot walk and have fellowship with a Perfect God. Christ commanded perfection in His Sermon on the Mount. God told Abraham to walk with Him in perfection. Moses commanded the children of Israel to be perfect with their God.

We must therefore be perfect in every area of our lives: physical and spiritual. Business men and women are commanded to demonstrate perfection in weight and measurements. We must have perfect ways. Our hearts must be perfect. We must perfect holiness in the fear of the Lord and do the will of God with a perfect heart. We must strive to be perfect in knowledge and understanding. We must be perfect in every good work and in patience. Our faith must also be perfect. We must possess perfect love for God.

It takes perfection to serve the Lord, to enjoy longevity of life on earth and get divine direction. Perfection brings peace and takes away fear. It also takes perfection to see God on the last day in heaven.

Without the cross man will be full of self and pride. But the weight of the cross helps us to be refined, polished, purified and shaped into Christ’s image. That was the reason God allowed Paul to bear the cross. Jesus also told a rich young ruler that the way to perfection lies in the cross. Peter also revealed that suffering (the cross) makes us perfect, established and settled.

Besides the Cross, we are made perfect by the ministry of God’s servants. As a minister of God, your ultimate responsibility is to present every man perfect in Christ Jesus. Your lifestyle, teachings and prayers should perfect the saints. We are also perfected by the Word of God, the Blood of Jesus and the Spirit of God. END

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The above is an excerpt of the Teaching at the Wednesday Scripture Exposition Service of the Old Time Power Church (www.oldtimepower.org) on August 12, 2020.


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