Transformed Into Christ’s Likeness By The Cross

Posted by John Tunke Bisina | 2 August 2020 | 228 times

*Pastor John Tunke Bisina


 By Pastor John Tunke Bisina

 Text: II Corinthians 4: 8-12, 16-17; Hebrews 12: 10, 11

Christ’s glorious and holy nature should be the craving of every true believer. But Christ’s likeness in the divine economy is not possessed through a life of ease and pleasure. Rather, it is a product of suffering, afflictions, and reproaches that we confront daily. These unpleasant experiences refine, purge and make us to be conformed into the image of Christ.

Christ’s ultimate goal in permitting the cross is to make us to be conformed into His image and likeness. He is motivated by love and affection towards us.  Christ, like a loving mother, uses the cross to scrub and wash off unwanted traits whenever He sees them in His children. The cross therefore makes the life of Christ to be made manifest in our body. It makes us to be partakers of Christ’s holiness and righteousness.  The natural man is proud and full of self but the cross automatically produces the desired humility.  It renews our inward man. It reveals the glory of God in us. The cross perfects us by giving us the needed patience, experience and hope. It makes the Power of Christ to rest upon us. Christ’s Cross strengthens the believer.

Since Christ’s end in allowing the cross is to make us to be conformed into His image. It behooves us to take a look at who He is. There are no perfect adjectives to describe Christ. He is beyond description. But we shall only present a brief outline of His Person within the limit of our imperfect human understanding.

Christ is full of glory, a glory according to Apostle Paul that transcends the brightness of the sun. He is glorious in power, in holiness, in majesty, in appearance, in body. Christ is meek, lowly and humble in heart and disposition. He is full of love and compassion.  Our Lord Jesus Christ is gracious, tender and kind. Christ is the fruit of the Spirit personified. Christ is full of wisdom and knowledge, power, anointing and authority. Christ therefore permits believers to experience the cross so that they could partake of His divine nature.

In view of the great benefits in the cross, our attitude and response when allowed to carry it should be, Lord have thine own way. We should display a positive disposition towards the cross; not faint under the cross but endure it, glory and take pleasure in the cross God permits us to carry.

We should pursue peace and forgive the sources of the cross in our lives. Do not express bitterness towards your persecutors rather pray for them and remain holy while carrying your cross. Our Lord Jesus Christ forgave and prayed for those that crucified Him while on the Cross. Stephen, the first Christian martyr, at the point of death prayed for those that stoned him to death. The cross should not be an excuse for us to go into sin.

We should be patient and not hasty in judgment while on the cross. Do not be ashamed to suffer shame for the sake of Christ.  Let the time of the cross be devoted to prayer and well doing. This we cannot do in our human strength; we need the grace of God to forgive and pray for our persecutors. We should therefore always ask for grace to bear our cross. END

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The above is an excerpt of the Teaching at the Wednesday Scripture Exposition Service of the Old Time Power Church ( on July 29, 2020.

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