Bayelsa Announces Appointment Of 60 SAs

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* Gov Dickson

The Bayelsa State Government on Thursday announced the appointment of 60 new Special Advisers by Governor Seriake Dickson.

Chief Press Secretary to the Governor, Fidelis Soriwei, in a statement said the Governor approved the appointment as part of the deliberate efforts to enable the Restoration Government to finish strong in the avowed commitment to deliver effective governance to the good people of Bayelsa State.

They are to be sworn in on Monday by 12 noon. Also, caucuses of the ruling Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) have been directed to  nominate women for appointment as Special Advisers next week.

Part of the statement read:

“The Governor has directed the caucuses to nominate women for appointment as special advisers next week, in areas where they have not been considered for appointment.

“However, the government and the party deplore the ungrateful and unpatriotic attitude of a few appointees who have been sustained and recognized in the midst of far more qualified persons for over seven years but are falling prey to the antics of the All Progressives Congress which is inducing  party members with money and fake promises.

“While the government wishes them well in their new endeavors, it is pertinent to note that for every appointee, the PDP has several other more qualified people who are ready and willing to be trusted with such privileged positions of responsibility.

“It is indeed important to say that the PDP has discovered also that these unstable defectors have not got the support of the people of the respective areas who have been embittered until recently that they have not extended the support that they have been receiving  as leaders to the people.

“In almost all the cases, these resignations are a sign of relief to the party which are occasioned by celebrations from the people who feel oppressed by these defectors. The government shall give the deserved recognitions and appointments to members who are willing to work in the interest of the party, and the good people of the state. 

“Bayelsans should note that there are over three thousand appointees òf this Government and the resignation of a few appointees  will not make a difference. The resignations in 2015 were far more than this yet they could not stop the PDP from winning  won the elections  convincingly.

“The newly appointed commissioners are to be sworn in on Monday by 12 PM.”

 “The breakdown of the appointees is as follows:


- Mr Felix I. Sam- Ateke

- Hon.Ayerite Benneth Ikiowei

- chief Emir Sampson

- Andrew Esau

- Ebi Milton

- Chief Moses Theophilus


- Bar. O.D. Olorogun

- Hon. Germany Okporu

- Hon Jonah Gede

- Mark Ayoro

- Bar. Morris Sanuku

- Hon. Cleopas Johnbull

- Ms. Grace Ekiotene


- Hon. Jackson Suokiri

- Hon. Ebiye Tarabina

- Suoyo Appah

- Hilda George

- Dr. Chanberlin Ikidi

- Pamo Inokoba

- Edmund Egule


- Hon. Benjamin Abrakassa

- Hon. Dr. Iti Orugbani

- Hon. Kuroekigha Nyenye

- Chief Iselekumo Bokolo Opuene

- Hon. Adiri Ayibawaemi

- Princess Ingo Iwowari


- Hon. Eribo Monday

- Bar. Ataman A. Johnbull

- Goodnews Baraburu

- Nalagwo Alagoa

- Richmon Okirinya

- Graham Ipigansi

- Gabriel Ogbara


- Dr. Peter Osai

- prosper Nwanbuzo

- Bar. Ebi Mounkurai

- Bar. Jeremiah Owupele

- Victor Eniyekenemi

- Hon. Bar. O. O. Osusu

Southern Ijaw

- Hon. Kate Owoko

- Hon. Temple Ogili

- Moses Taribi

- Ben Foreman

- Dogan Africanus

- Roseline Egunice

- Andy Zeadina

- Adolphius Forcados

- T. S. Bazia

- Sele Amain

- Charles Ambaowei


-Hon Gentle Emelah

-Franklin Otele

-Richman Okorie

-James Kuro

-Banton Akpruku

-Daniel Woyinkuro

-Dr. Alalibo

-Barr. Igodo

-Nicholas Eferebo

-Romanus Lot


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